Thursday, 28 June 2012

the heart quilt so far

Here is the heart quilt now put togther. My plan is to make it single bed size, and add a matching pillowcase.
The pink polar fleece given to me to put on the back was a bit smelly, but after soaking in vinegar I think its ok now, so I will have a play with it some. I'm not sure how I will bind it.
I am also make some crazy quilt blocks, again using the missouri quilting company you-tube instructions.
This is a very free and easy way of quilting. I finished the patch work one first becauase I knew it would create lots of scrap that I could use in the crazy quilt one.
Both these quilts will be raffled at a charity event in October, so I have time to play with them. I plan to use my janome 12000 to do some stippling on the heart one and some machine embroidery on the crazy quilt, using the freebies from BCF.

Monday, 25 June 2012

heart shaped quilt block

After being inspired by the missouri quilt company you tube videos, i have been making some heart shaped quilt blocks to go a in a single bed cover i am making for a charity raffle. In the video you start with a charm pack, but I cut out 6 inche squares because they fitted better with what i here
You start with 4 squares on main colour and 2 squares of the contrast. i also used strips of this contrast colour. as they show you in the video, fold 2 squares in half and iron to create a digonal line corner to corner to sew along.  i just sewed this line then cut to make 2 triangles.
the off cut contrast triangle i then fold in half then half again and pressed, to get more lines. when cut you get 4 little triangles.
i wanted a rounder heart then you get on the video. i positioned the triangles on the corner of the main colour, as shown. i then sewed done, iron and trimmed to get a top quarter of the heart.

 It really important to iron after each line sewed, so the seams sit flat. here it is ready to assemble.
and here it is all assembled with the contrast border. You have to make sure you line up the seams and also that the point at the bottom is nice and sharp.
i dont do much quilting, so i probably did a lot of things wrong, butit all good! 

first digitizing project

I was queit please with this embroidery, which i digitized myself.

All the bag now needs is the ribbon, which the friend who requested this item has already.
i lined the bag with t-shirt material in a fun girly print. As the mum of 4 boys i dont think I need it for much !

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Girl's dress of drawstring ladies skirt

I am trying to deplete the stack of clothes for refashioning so here's a girl's dress made out a nice green skirt with lovely beading.

Due to a bit of damage on the original skirt, I had to get creative and inserted a lace- up section.
I cut off the elastic top, then used a bodice pattern to cut out the bodice of the top. I also cut the lining so it had a neckline and shoulders, but didnt bother to cut off the waist and just left it as one piece.
i used the excess top layer to make spagetti thin ties for the lace up, and recycled the drawstring for here.
The fiddly bit was putting in the lace up, but it gave it a lovely look and also removed the torn silk.

another maternity top to experiment on

 You can see I've already put in the front opening on this maternity top.

I had great fun adding an embroidery design, althought he design was far to dense for the t-shirty material. The embroidery is "bullet proof' and will probably have to be ironed to keep it flat. Its also too far under the arm so one of the butterflies is hidden oh well, at least its colourful.

I nearly went mad when the thread broke every 30 seconds at the start- luckily it was just the first colour being fussy.

I'm thinking of adding a metallic zip to the front, but I might use the coversticher so its easy to remove if i dont like it.

OK, the zip was too hard to get even so i went with a coverstitched front.Looks ok and nice and comfy!

teatowel to apron

I have been helping out my friend turn some custom teatowels into other items for a fundraiser.
Here is how i cut it out so that its an apron. it just needs ties at the waist and neck and away we go.
I have also made them into half size aprons, wine bottle covers, big tote bag, plastic bag holders.

Another skirt to girls dress

This time i started with an elasticised waist ladies skirt that had some great fabric, though the colour is a bit old

I cut out too raglan style sleeves out of a matching fabric, added the sleeves to the dress and then made a casing at the top for elastic. I also put elastic on the bottom of the sleeves. and there you go 2 skirts.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

2 more girl's dresses

In trying to make the dresses as simply as possible, I did 2 strappy dresses, just using the top of the skirt as is, and modifying the sides for arm holes. This allowed me to use this lovely beaded top of this brown skirt.
Due to wanting to remove the zip at the side,i cut the arm holes a bit big, so had to take it in at the sides
 The brown dress didnt have a lining, so i just overlocked the arm holes and top stitched .
The straps were made from the off cuts from cutting the arm holes.

Here is another version of the same skirt, but because it has a lining it just needed a reshape on the arm holes. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

one piece pyjamas for boys

 On a recent fabric shopping spree thanks to a great mother's day present from Matt ( 18), i bought this polar fleece. What John (3) really needed was some warm PJ's, so I made these:

To get the size I got him to lie on the floor on some butcher's paper and traced his outline to get his measurements especially neck to crotch . That gave me a basic pattern, which I then cut out generously, as too baggy is ok but too skinny is a disaster!

I added feet but get extending to leg to include a foot shaped piece. Since he goes straight to bed when he's in his PJ's he didnt need anything fancy.

I then did the same with some plain fleece i embroidered some fish on.

Dinosaur curtain

 Here is the curtain topper I made John using some large dinosaur embroidery designs.
he kept saying it was a shirt so i might have to make him something wearable!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

woman's shorts to boys pants

 I wanted to do a refashion that had a bit of remodelling to it. I bought these shorts for myself last summer to wear when I was in late pregnancy. I don't need them now- but my 3 years old needs more play pants- so out come the scissors!

I wanted to keep the detail of the pants so cut away the sides, trying to make the waist the correct width based on his waist measurement.
 I added the extra fabric to the bottom to make them longer. The side pockets on the shorts became pockets below the knee.

Then I did some 3 needle topstitching as this was on the original shorts, added some elastic to the waist to make them fit better and also covered the side seams on the waist with a epilet and button rescued from the scraps. The coverstitcher was great for the triple stitch.
They look a bit wide at the leg, so when little man wakes up I'll try them on him and see if they need to be taken in a bit on the crotch seam!

OK, they were a bit baggy on the crotch so I just undid the hem and cut along the inside leg and took up the crotch a bit. i also corrected the front leg being too long now by adding a few pleats at the knee, as you see on some baggy pants.

Friday, 8 June 2012

easy tote bag tutorial

I made a stack of these lined tote bags for christmas presents last year and have done 3 for 3 little girls I know, so I thought I should do a tutorial.

1) Since my bags are just an excuse to do some machine embroidery, I made the front panel than added fabric to the panel so that I had a rectangle the same length and height as the top of a normal shopping bag.
That is a rectangle about 40 cm by 80 cm of main colour ( including panel) and lining the same size too. Then join the seams to make a tube.

2) To make the bottom, cut a rectangle about 30 cm by 18 cm .You need to position this rectangle so that the long edges are along the front and back, with the sides of the bag coming from the shorter edge of the bottom rectangle piece.
What I do is determine front and back centre and match that to the centre of the bottom long edges. Stitch those front and back seams first. Then do the two (shorter)side seams of the bottom.
Cheat : If you have trouble getting it to fit, its ok to do a few tucks on the bottomside seams as long as you do the same to both sides. You can also make the corners a bit fuller to take in extra fabric.

3) Now to make the shoulder strap or straps.
What I do cut 2 pieces of  fabric the length of the strap ( about 120 cm for adult) and about 7 cm wide, out of the lining and main colour.
Then with right side together, sew along one edge, turn and top stitch, as shown.

Then turn in the raw edges about 1 cm on the other side and top stitch so you get a neat strap.

4) I then position the lining inside the bag with wrong sides togther. I use either contrast or main fabric to make the top edge. This means making another strip about 7 cm wide and the length of the top edge (80 cm). Join short seam to make another tube.
Stitch it to the top edge by going right sides together with the lining, then turn and top stitch so you have a neat finish on the top. You should start at the back so the join isn't so noticeable.

Then position the strap ends and top stitch the strap on the bag ends with a square and cross, as shown.

Here are the latest three bags using a fairy . I asked for their favorite colours and used that to guide the colours in the fabric and embroidery.
This is a great way of showing of your embroidry or smaller crazy patchwork and quilting efforts.

here is a close up of the emroidery panel

materials: main fabric and lining : 80 cm x 40 plus strap 122 x 7cm  and top trim 7cm x 80cm